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For Family Business Consultants and Advisors

Case Consultations/Support Services/Coaching

In addition to providing services for family and closely held businesses directly, we also provide consultations, support services and coaching to family business consultants and advisors, such as lawyers, accountants, management consultants, or therapists, who wish some expert advice in their ongoing cases.

Our support is offered either by phone or face-to-face, in your office or ours. It is provided on a one-to-one basis or, when appropriate, we can provide a multi-disciplinary team perspective. In addition to these support services, we offer mentoring and coaching for professionals who feel they need the extra support in their practices. We also have a large network of experts throughout the country to whom we can refer.

Some of the support services that we provide for family business consultants are:

  • Coaching in skills and competencies
  • Helping to understand the 'stuck' places in an ongoing process
  • Offering a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • Shadow consulting to enhance skills and capacities
  • Networking to other professionals
  • Best practices for family business consultants

Customized Training & Teaching Programs

We offer a variety of training and teaching programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of family business consultants and advisors. We can also develop customized programs to match your unique needs, for example, in your law firm or accounting practice. Here are some of our most popular programs:

"Process Content for the Technical Expert"

"How to Get Started in Family Business Consulting"

"Building and Managing Your Consulting Practice"

"All Systems Go: Managing Organizational Change"

"Family Business Consulting: Using the Action Research Model"

"Action Research: a Model for Family Business Consulting"

"Family Business Consulting: Working in the Boundaries"

"Special Skills in Working with Family Businesses"

"Managing Yourself First!"

"What me Worry? Successfully Managing Stress"

"How to Plan and Facilitate Family Business Retreats"

"What’s on Your Mind? How the Latest in Brain Science can Improve our Skills as Advisors"

Please Contact Us for additional information about these services. We welcome your inquiry.




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