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Services for Family Businesses

Consultation Services

We at the Key Resources are experts in family businesses and can help you with your challenges. We accomplish this, either working as an individual consultant, or as a multidisciplinary team. When appropriate, we will also work with your advisors, for example, your accountant, or lawyer. Teamwork leads to better and more cost effective services. Here are some of the most common problems that clients call us about:

  • Succession planning
  • Choosing the next generation leader or leaders
  • Developing sibling teams in the succeeding generations
  • Managing conflict among family members
  • Making fair decisions regarding compensation of family members.
  • Developing outside boards of directors and advisors
  • Holding family retreats and developing family council meetings

Most Requested:

  • Developing Family Councils
  • Developing Family Employment Guidelines: a key to meritocracy and success
  • Managing Family Conflict
  • Developing Leadership in All Generations
  • Succession Planning 


  • What's on your mind? How to make the new brain science practical in our families, our businesses, and ourselves
  • Family Councils: an important structure for managing conflict and getting to agreements
  • Use of selves: what our genograms tell us about how we live, love and work

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Succession Planning
Owner Managed Businesses
Stress Management

With you, we can develop many options for success. For these, or any other family business issues, Call Us at Key Resources.

Presentations & Customized Programs

We provide a wide variety of trainings and programs suited to virtually any family business environment. We can also custom-tailor these services to meet your unique needs. Below is a sample of our most popular offerings.


"Love and Money: the Keys to Success"
"Getting Along in the Business When You're Family"

Succession and Leadership

"Leadership From the Inside Out"
"Leadership: What to Look for in the Next Generation"
"Developing Successors"
"Raising Healthy, Responsible Kids"

Family Issues and Meetings

"Family Dynamics in Family Firms: Three Keys to Success"
"Managing Conflict Constructively in Family Businesses"
"Planning and Running a Family Business Retreat"
"Running Successful Family Meetings"
"How to Work Successfully with your Spouse"

Strategic Planning and Team Building

"Running Successful Management Meetings with Family Members"
"Building Executive Teams: the Keys to Sharing Leadership"
"Successful Strategic Planning"


"Developing Effective Boards"
"Balancing Ownership and Family Priorities"


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"Jane is a family business resource we have counted on over the past few years, in times of distress and challenge, as well as peace and success. We couldn't, and wouldn't want to navigate family business issues that crop up regularly without benefit of her. "

— The Cleaver Company, Inc.



Did you know that...

Approximately 10%-15% of family enterprises select non-family CEOs to lead the next generation?

25% of senior family business shareholders have not completed any estate planning other than a will?

81% of family businesses want the business to stay in the family but 20% are not confident that the next generation is committed to the business?

The major reasons that family businesses contact consultants for help are: family communication and behavior problems and lack of clarity about goals and values, all leading to succession success or failure.


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