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"Jane Hilburt-Davis delivered a winner that most everyone could readily identify with…. Jane, a warm and engaging presenter, moved easily among theory, relevant statistics, case examples, and dialogue with those present, answering questions about her consulting practice with knowledge grown out of significant experience and with refreshing candor."

- New England Society of Applied Psychology Newsletter

"Jane has demonstrated a remarkable ability to discuss and explain a very complex topic in easy-to-understand language. Her enlightening lecture about recruitment and retaining employees hit the 'the nail right on the head'."

- George E. Battit, M.D. Past President, Suffolk District Medical Society

"The 'container' that was held by Jane enabled me personally and my company to take the necessary steps to complete a buyout agreement and implement employee focuses/customer focused workshops and policies that have resulted in less stress and greater success for everyone!"

- Greg Dana, President, Dana Wallboard Supply, Inc.

"Jane is a family business resource we have counted on over the past few years, in times of distress and challenge, as well as peace and success. We couldn't, and wouldn't want to navigate family business issues that crop up regularly without benefit of her. "

- The Cleaver Company, Inc.

"Too many professionals, myself included, spend all of their time mastering
the intricacies of their respective discipline at he expense of learning
about and understanding how clients receive and assimilate information.
Your "Process/Content Presentation" introduced me to a vital new dimension in client communications."

- Senior investment counselor

"Jane is an excellent teacher. She understands the big picture and
communicates clearly."

Joanie Bronfman, Ph.D., Wealth Consultant

"Jane Hilburt Davis counselled our family for several years on how to manage, sell off and divide up the remaining properties which our parents had given us. There are five of us, all strong personalities, with different needs and agendas. This was a daunting task, considering the large holdings, the above differences and the fact that we don't get on that well with each other.

My husband predicted that it could not be done. But with Jane's help it was. We have sold some of the larger properties, some of us have bought some of the property from other siblings and we are now working on dividing up the rest. We aren't done yet nor probably is Jane's work with us. But we are moving in the right direction and with Jane's help have managed to get through this with reasonably intact relationships with each other.

I shudder to think where our family might be today without Jane. I'm
sure we would be in the courts. I'm sure nothing would have happened as far
as selling or dividing up property. And I'm sure our differences would have
hardened into hatred. Basically Jane saved our lives!"

- Rosaly Bass




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